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Walking Assistant

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This handy walking assistant is designed to be worn by your little one while you learn them to walk eliminating the risk for them to fall over. We all know when they first manage to get things going on 2 feet they tend to fall over most of the time in the first few attempts.

Not only does it look super cute but it also functions as a fall protector while you keep them upright. Made from 100% cotton.


The diaper backpack has a lot of compartments, insulated pockets, strong stroller straps, and very good quality materials. The bed is easily unfolded and folded back... after the first time, it becomes easier and easier.

Klaudia Fuerst

On the front part of the bag you can insert a photo or name badge for identification. It comes with a mattress, with a removable cotton breathable cover. It's quite useful and I like how it gives me flexibility and privacy when exchanging a diaper!

Lieke Schot

The bag is great, the look is elegant and it's a lovely backpack. I have been using it for a few weeks now and used it pretty much every day. Love the fact that it comes with a mattress, quite handy if you are out and about.

Amy Sears
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