Natural Baby™ Knitted Sleeping Bag

Natural Baby™ Knitted Sleeping Bag

Natural Baby™ Knitted Sleeping Bag

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The inside was made of particularly fluffy cotton and ensures a comfortable feeling. Swaddling is recommended for babies especially at a young age. Babies feel safe and comfortable when they are wrapped up. It gives you the same feeling as you know it in the womb.


Some like him, others a little less. But one thing is clear when autumn/winter arrives, we will dress warmer. However, our needs are never more important than those of our babies. In order not to endanger your sensitive body on colder days, we have developed the Natural Baby Knitted Sleeping Bag for your loved one. 

The knitted sleeping bag was processed in such a way that it is perfect for the transition phases of the seasons. Depending on the weather, you can loosen the buttons in the middle. The material is breathable and allows air to circulate.

Caution: With the Natural Baby Knitted Sleeping Bag, there may be the possibility that your baby will fall asleep more soundly and prevent startle reflexes.


The Natural Baby Bag is unisex, you can prepare this gift for your grandson, granddaughter, your wife, your kid, or your new mommy friend. This cute and soft swaddle blanket will bring the baby warm and cozy sleeping.

70*40cm (27.5*15") newborn baby blanket is suitable for baby girls or boys from 0-12 months.


The diaper backpack has a lot of compartments, insulated pockets, strong stroller straps, and very good quality materials. The bed is easily unfolded and folded back... after the first time, it becomes easier and easier.

Klaudia Fuerst

On the front part of the bag you can insert a photo or name badge for identification. It comes with a mattress, with a removable cotton breathable cover. It's quite useful and I like how it gives me flexibility and privacy when exchanging a diaper!

Lieke Schot

The bag is great, the look is elegant and it's a lovely backpack. I have been using it for a few weeks now and used it pretty much every day. Love the fact that it comes with a mattress, quite handy if you are out and about.

Amy Sears
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